Who I Am


My Story

My Name: Davion Ziere, Zi, or Ziere. I'm from the Bay Area. Shout out the Town: Oakland, CA! I am a music and tech creator on a mission to cultivate a world where all of us can thrive. Prior to attending Emory at age 16, I moved regularly and went to 13 different schools across the U.S. While I believed in my dreams, I saw that many people I came across did not. I learned the reasons that people do not actualize our life dreams, goals, and potential are often because of poor access to or awareness of resources like practical knowledge, capital, self-value, connections, and community.

After graduating from college, I was a Leading Sales & Training Advisor at Tesla Motors. I helped Elon Musk accelerate the world's transition to sustainable transport. I was selected to be a leader on the company's Sales Learning Council, and shortly after, I resigned. Many thought it was foolish of me to leave such an incredible company after beginning to move up their corporate ladder.

Moving up at "The World's Most Innovative Company (Forbes)" was a great experience, but what excited me about Tesla was the mission and dedication to making the world a better place. The same thing that drew me into Tesla is why I left Tesla. It was time for me to dedicate myself to the mission that I have been on since I was 12: to bridge the gaps between aspiration and accomplishment for people in my native urban communities by creating greater access to resources, so that all of us can thrive doing what we love.....and to be a part of making the greatest Next Generation Music.

My Vision

A positive world where we all thrive doing what we love for a living and have the equal access & opportunity to do so.

Today, I am working towards this with my New World discography and the revolutionary Culturebase.

*Note on Emotional Health:

I have accomplished a lot in the face of much adversity and tough living circumstances. And in moving so fast and developing so quickly, I always assumed that I had not experienced any real wear from my life experiences, not even the loss of my best friend and my grandmother to breast cancer. This is not true. Life takes its toll, and as my journey has taught me that it is necessary to be mindful of our health first. One aspect of our health that is not talked about enough is emotional health. Taking our emotional health for granted can result in great stress leading to the loss of personal values, dying relationships, business, and so much more. The world will only receive our best if we are healthy enough to give it. It is courageous to acknowledge and face any internal struggles we have. Never be afraid to seek help. We need everyone to be our healthiest selves so that we can all give and experience as much light as possible.